Cleaning Your Gutters Regularly

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Please be aware sand as well as leaves twigs and branches will clog up your gutters causing rust,or even break the gutter or block your downpipe.Autumn and winter would be the best time to check.


Maintenance Of the Roof


Many people fail to even realize that their roof is damaged until it's too late. Especially if it has hailed or flash downpours or heavy wind.
If it's too high for you to see everything that's going on up there from the ground, you should definitely climb up and check if things are in order. In case there are some loose or broken shingles or tiles, you need to change these right away.

Maintenance of your windows and doors

Your doors and windows should always be in good condition, .open and close doors.if the door is weathered and its wood varnish it against sun and rain.

If hinges creak , oil them. Check door handles and locks . Drafty windows, broken window panes and other elements should all be fixed regularly because unfortunately wear and tear happens all the time. The condition all windows and doors should be checked all the time. Sliding doors should be able to open the whole way. Make sure they slide easily and lock well

That way you'll provide your house with safety, your house will look better both from the inside and the outside, it will be warmer in the winter days. Check for drafts under the door. Put a door stop in front of open spaces. It will keep the heat in your home

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