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5 Common Disputes Between Landlords And Tenants

Category Renting

The landlord-tenant relationship is often strained and there are many disputes that frequently occur between these two parties. This can be due to disagreements

How to Make Your House a Home without Spending a Cent

Category Money Matters

Moving into a new place can be difficult. Sometimes it's really hard to make a house feel like a home. This is especially true when we have little to no

7 Ideas For Choosing the Best Kitchen Wall Decor

Category Design & Decor

Everyone wants that latest magazine kitchen design. However, the things that often stand in the way of achieving this dream are usually time and money

5 Costly Mistakes That Could Cost You Your New Home!

Category Buying

It is very exciting when you start the home-buying process! Heck, you might even feel like a child in a candy store.

5 Ways to Speed Up the Home Loan Process

Category Money Matters

You know the old saying 'failing to prepare is preparing to fail'? This applies to most things in life including the home loan process.

5 Valuable Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

Category Selling

Usually, when you decide to move, it isn't always your decision to make. It might be influenced by work-related factors or even personal factors.

4 Simple Apartment Gardening Tips for Small Spaces

Category Green Living

There are many advantages to apartment living: it is usually quite secure, you have a good community system around you, and you have low maintenance costs.

What You Should Consider When Renting Out Your Property

Category Renting

Rental properties are great investments but once you have found tenants to occupy the home, it could go one of two ways: it could either be your worst nightmare

How The Color Of Your Bedroom Can Affect Your Sleep

Category Design & Decor

The topic of sleep has been a more popular one in the media as of late. The lack of sleep causes people to become more stressed out, overwhelmed and downright

5 Silent Signs Your House has a Major Plumbing Problem

Category Home Improvement

Plumbing is something that we rarely like to think about. It is hidden from sight, and usually, it works the way it should. When there is a problem, however,

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